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Conversations around a table form some of the best memories. Sometimes you uncover new fun facts you may have never learned otherwise. Whether it’s a cookout by the pool on a summer day, lunch with co-workers, or coffee dates with your best friend, great bonds are formed when you share a meal with someone. Restaurant…

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… on a quiet word to music parents (shhh, don’t tell!)

just ponderin'

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Number One Son Sam, Jazz Student, on the Big Bass

Okay. Firstly….


It looks like little Johnny’s or Susie’s interest in the drums, or sax, or bass…

Or guitar, or piano, or clarinet, or flute, or didgeridoo…

Or that cute little triangle thingie they used to give you if you couldn’t play anything else, has lasted through elementary and middle school.

And now it looks like that cute little hobby that was supposed to stay a hobby has grown up and maniacally land-war’d itself into Potential Vocation territory, crushing the once-safe provinces of Medicine, Engineering, Nursing, Plumbing, Law, Accounting, and/or Fashion Merchandising along the way.

Particle Physics is still hanging on, but it doesn’t look good.

And you know this has happened because your perfect cherub just walked into the room and told you that they want to be… wait for it…

A musician.

Yes, they did tell you that.

Yes, they…

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A View of Grand Canyon from Grandview Viewpoint

Cruising Down The Colorado River On A Sunday Afternoon –

There are River Tours and River Tours on the Colorado River.  Some take days, others are Day Trips.  In the day trips, you do not go through Rapids, so it is a more serene ride in a very large Raft.  We highly recommend it if you are anywhere close to Las Vegas Nevada or Boulder City.  Check local directories for “Things to do” and you can take your choice.

We have created several paintings which were Inspired by our trips and have many Photographs…

Cruising down the Colorado River